Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sprawlers Taken to Task

It's always good to read a letter to the editor of the El Paso Times that is right on target. In today's Times read "Tropicana Homes not working with neighborhood":

"The Rancho Del Sol neighborhood in East El Paso is about to drastically change thanks to Tropicana Homes, which is owned by the Bowling brothers.

"They are in the process of building more than 300 apartments on Loma Verde Drive.  Tropicana Homes has literally bulldozed and snuck their way into our neighborhood.

"We have only been aware of this neighborhood intrusion since early October, when this massive construction scheme began.

"The Bowling brothers could care less about the traffic congestion, safety conditions and overcrowded schools they will create if this aggressive project reaches completion.

"If the Bowling brothers are so gung ho about this project, then by all means, build these Verde Palms apartments in their backyard.

"We did not ask for these drastic changes, nor did we have a say in them. Shame on you, Tropicana Homes"

Sprawlers like Tropicana Homes only care about their bottom line - the huge profits that they will make. Open space, place building, common space, community are values they oppose.

By the way, the Bowling boys are also pushing to take land stewardship away from the Public Service Board so that the city can sell its land on an expedited schedule. Preserving land is necessary if we want to have a sustainable water supply. Think of the Bowlings as big straws slurping up our water. Indeed, "shame on you, Tropicana Homes."

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