Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Where to Find elpasonaturally Now

From now on, just go to That is where you will find the blog. You will need to click on the title of the blog post that you want to read. The newest will be at the top.

The contact page is accurate but the other pages will change and metamorphosize over the next few days.

If you want to view older posts, just keep coming here:

Wordpress has so much more to offer and you will see that as the days and weeks go by. I than you for your loyalty.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

3 Cheers Monday: Hooray for Gertrud Konings

Celebration of Our Mountains Field Trip.

Each Monday (or the best that I can), I'll post about someone in the preservation/conservation/environmental community who has done something recently that deserves "3 Cheers".

We begin with Dr. Gertrud Konings-Dudin. As you know the environmental community has met once to discuss how the various groups can collaborate. Gertrud seized the initiative. She has let everyone know that she will publish their events at the Chihuahuan Desert Education Coaliton site. Gertrud is the Chair and the Board's contact info is HERE. It's a group you may want to keep your eye on and join their efforts. 

You can read Dr. Konings-Dudin's extensive bio as a biologist, publisher and translator. Be sure to check out her Vitae. She led two very successful field trips for Celebration of Our Mountains in 2017.

Dr. Gertrud Konings-Dudin

3 Cheers for Gertrud!