Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pipeline to Bosque Schedule

Why it takes longer for public entities to get from A to Z is a mystery to me. Perhaps someone knows. Many have anxiously awaited for a long time to see the schedule for a pipeline from the Bustamante to Rio Bosque Wetlands Park. EPWU CEO John Balliew has been pushing on and for this for a long time. Thank you, Mr. Balliew! Here it is:

Do click on the image to enlarge and give 3 cheers.


  1. So there's a reason for a huge New Year's Eve party!

  2. So, plan for a major New Year's Eve party!

  3. Three big cheers to John, too. Indeed, a simple glance at the current water delivery status posted on CERM's Rio Bosque News page ( this is BIG news for the wetlands. Glad to see some of the cheer being spread around.