Monday, June 2, 2014

El Paso's First Bike Valet

Velo Paso Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition cleared quite a few hurdles and ignored naysayers in order to bring this unique service to El Paso Chihuahua fans. Thanks to the El Paso Scottish Rite and Race El Paso, Velo Paso was able to provide safe, convenient and clean bike parking for a major city event. 

Velo Paso volunteers parked 50 bikes and 1 baby stroller. Pedestrians huddled under the valet tent when it rained during the 6th inning of the ballgame. A mother who brought her daughter in a bobcat trailer was relieved and grateful when she saw that valet attendants had covered her trailer with a tarp. 

The number one question of the night was: "When and where is the next bike valet?"

Through continued free bike valets, Velo Paso intends to explore the possibility of a city ordinance that would make protected bike parking mandatory for large events like Music Under the Stars and Neon Desert.

As we found last Thursday night, you can pack quite a few bikes into one parking spot, nearly 12 bikes to 1 parking space. That means more people at your event, less congestion on the road, and more parking spaces for seniors and people with disabilities who may be unable to bike. - contributed by Ben Foster

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