Friday, December 12, 2014

The Friday Video: Perspectives:The Frontera Land Alliance

Learn more about the Frontera Land Alliance as well as the relationship between land conservation and water conservation. The latter is critical and is why you don't want City Council in control of PSB land so that they can sell it off for the immediate gratification of instant revenue. Keeping your Public Service Board independent means water today and water for your grandchildren's grandchildren.

Save our land. Save our water. Save our PSB.


  1. The immediate gratification you mention actually has a long term goal which is the political careers of some of these CC members, namely Niland, Acosta and Roe. They have run the city into big time debt and know that the bill is coming due soon and it will hit the taxpayer. So how do they deflect this crisis that will be pinned on them? Easy, sell off the land and fund the deficits so the voters will think they have managed to deliver stadiums and arenas and have held down the tax bill.

    But El Paso is like a ranch family that is paying off its credit card by selling off the ranch, parcel by parcel. Except the city land is crucial to its future water supply.

    So, in 20 years when the pumps start sucking sand, Sen. Niland can act surprised and deny any part in helping to make that ever happening. She will sponsor a bill to pay Woody Hunt a billion dollars to find some water for us from his Dell City farm.

    Jerry Kurtyka

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