Monday, January 19, 2015

The Monday Links: Francis, Fracking, Foam and More

Friday (most of the time) is video day here on elpasonaturally. Daily I'm either running into interesting and informative pages or sites online or I receive links to online info and articles from many of you. So, Monday is going to become (most of the time) "Links Day" with links gathered over the past week (or so) to online "stuff" to read and sites to surf.

Please feel free to send me links to any conservation, environmental, simple living, city planning, energy and water, etc. stories that you have come across online. 

Here's the first batch:

Two stories on fracking:

Pope Francis Says No to Fracking
26 Earthquakes Later, Fracking's Smoking Gun Is in Texas

Ecology and Ecosystems:

Wetlands Ecosystem Services (cool EPA slide show in pdf form especially good for understanding why preserving and watering the Rio Bosque Wetlands Park is so critical for the El Paso region)

The Environment:

Rejoice! New York is the biggest city to ban foam packaging


What America's nutty demand for almonds is doing to California (not to mention what growing water guzzling pecan orchards and cotton in the Rio Grande valleys of El Paso is doing to us)

Add to Your Bookmarks:

YES! Magazine
On the Commons

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