Monday, April 27, 2015

El Paso County Commissioners Court Passes Anti-Fracking Resolution

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Kudos to Cemelli De Aztlan who has worked tirelessly to stop fracking in Hudspeth County. Today by a nearly unanimous vote the El Paso County Commissioners passed a resolution opposing fracking. (Only Republican Haggerty opposed it.) Here is what Cemelli posted on her Facebook page:

"El Paso County Commissioners Court passed a Resolution to Ban Fracking in El Paso County. Next step, Hudspeth County Commissioners and our El Paso Water Utilities, who plan to sell us water from the basin above Fracking, despite evidence of Fracking toxins contaminating water basins. CALL ALL TEXAS SENATORS TO OPPOSE SB1165. [SB1165 is the Senate version of HB40.] Also, demand that UT System divest from Oil&Gas Companies. — with Aurolyn Luykx, Virgil Esquivel, Dan Monahan, Robert Leal, Mary Gourdoux, Jim Tolbert, Bill Addington, Nayra Vizcarra, EL PASO NATURALLY, EL PASO EQUAL VOICE NETWORK and WEST TEXAS WATER PROTECTION FUND."

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