Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Where Was Larry Romero?

Photo by Rose Aguilar, El Paso Inc. See other photos and Inc. story HERE.
Yesterday I blogged about the recent meeting between residents of Newman Park and also the historic district of Manhattan Heights with representatives of the El Paso Electric Company regarding a project to place new forty-five foot poles from Wheeling to Frankfort Avenue along Elm Street. (Full disclosure: this is my hood.) EPEC's route along Elm creates the huge risk of tumbling poles during major floods. Elm Street becomes a "river" during downpours. Flooding plus the deterioration of a 1920's sewer line but six inches from the polls threatens to undermine the sub-surface and cause a pole or poles to fall especially since EPEC is planting the poles at 5 feet and not the standard 6.5 feet.

Residents are up against a powerful utility. Often the only hope is to arouse enough public opposition to either cancel or modify a project. Unfortunately, the City Council representative for District 2 is Larry Romero. He declined even to attend the public meeting on August 11, 2015. As heard from a good source, it seems that Larry believes that the matter is a lost cause and doesn't merit his time. Afterall, this part-time representative has a business to run. His predecessor, Susie Byrd, would have been there to support her constituents. Larry doesn't care about the health, safety and welfare of those he serves on city council. 

In another matter, King Larry, without asking for public opinion or consent, had a roundabout removed simply because he doesn't like them. The result - a serious accident at Tumbleweed and Mathias. Read the story HERE. (Thank you, David Crowder of the El Paso Inc.) This is just one more neighborhood in District 2 that is poorly served by this dud of a city representative.

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  1. Good Ole King Larry,
    Your Romero Poles on Elm Street are an absolute horror - It's amazing how you favor these 45 foot electrical monstrosities.
    Perhaps a modern monument to your reign.

    If you condone them ... you own them!!