Friday, September 2, 2016

Love Water Not Oil and Gas

If you are on Facebook, you might consider befriending my friend, Bill Addington. Bill's posts are just about always about environmental activism. The image above comes from his August 31st post.

Nancy "the Wolf Lady" Bain wrote this comment to Bill's post: "Oil is death to our planet. We don't need to pump any more and don't need to pipeline it either. A spill destroys all it touches. YES DESTROYS. We need more solar and wind energy and there is now wind towers that jiggle so the wind fan blades are not necessary just the jiggle towers and I understand they are more efficient."

Of course, the problem in the United States is that just about everything runs on oil or natural gas. The relatively new technology of fracking continues to provide us with cheaper prices at the pump and everywhere else. The cost of a gallon of gasoline at the pump is currently rising again. However at an average $2.57/gallon in the United States that is still cheaper than countries in Europe. Italy - $6.15/gallon. France - $5.62/gallon. $6.53 in Norway and $5.80 in England. Russia comes in at $2.15. Why? Like us they are oil and gas rich. (See Bloomberg's Gasoline Prices around the World)


Because Europe is not oil rich, they have become the leaders in alternative energy - wind, solar and soon fusion. Yes, fusion. Not nuclear. fusion. The French fusion generator, Iter, once online will produce 500 MW of power - 10X more than it will require to run.

So, what will happen if fracking is banned and Canadian pipelines are shutdown and tar sand operations (the Dachau for killing Mother Earth) is halted? What would happen to the price of gasoline at the pump? $5/gallon? $6/gallon? Maybe then we will start in earnest investing more in alternative forms of energy. With the Tesla battery and other battery technologies, there is now no reason not to power our homes and businesses with electrical power from alternative sources. There are plenty of reasons to stop destroying our earth and furthering the apocalypse of climate change.

Love Water not Oil.

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