Thursday, October 6, 2016

Food Waste Prevention and Recovery

The remarkable presentation below was given by Nicole Ferrini, the Director of the Office of Resilience and Sustainability of the City of El Paso, at yesterday's City Council meeting. It is the result of a collaboration between El Paso Food and the ORS. 

El Paso Food is an initiative of a group of remarkable young people who want to solve the issue of food waste in El Paso. If you have ever wondered what grocers do with produce, for instance, that isn't bought but is still edible, your suspicions are correct: they throw the food away - food that could be used in homeless shelters and food banks. This remarkable group saw the problem and took the initiative. They see government as a tool and a resource, not as the initiator or the source of authorization. They represent grassroots democracy at its best.

The food waste or save the food movement has been growing recently in the United States. Read Craig Hanson is World Resources Institute for instance. Forbes addresses the issue from a business point of view. Of course, there are always the policy wonks with all of the stats.

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