Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Save the Date: A Special Plea from Frontera's Director

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The Director of Frontera Land Alliance, Janae' Reneaud Field, has sent out this plea to all of us who favor land conservation, especially the preservation of Castner Range:

Over 34,000 El Pasoans have signed the letter to make Castner Range a National Monument. Over 100 El Paso businesses also signed. The El Paso County Commissioners’ Court, the County Judge, the El Paso City Council, the Mayor, the City-affiliated Neighborhood Coalition, El Paso’s five Texas State Representatives and our State Senator have signed the Proclamation of Support, and the Times has published two dozen op-eds in support of a National Monument. And for the last 12 months, Congressman Beto O’Rourke and his staff have strongly backed our drive to conserve Castner Range, which began 50 years ago when the Range was closed down.

Yet Washington DC wants more. “Can we actually see the faces of these folks who say they support a Castner Range National Monument? Can you get these folks together so we can hear with our own ears that El Pasoans really want a Monument? Let’s see if you are up to that,” say the high-placed people in DC.

And so we’re going to do it! At 10 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19th a major Castner Range event will take place in the auditorium of the Transmountain Campus of the El Paso Community College, on the US 54 Freeway north of Diana Drive and just across from Castner Range itself. Viva El Paso and Ballet Folcl√≥rico will be on hand. Animals from the Zoo will howl upon command. The Brass Quartet will play to beat the band. A surprise VIP from old DC will be there to see us take a stand. And best of all (for the rest of the folks in DC) the event will be live-streamed.

But the biggest focus will be on you. The DC decision-makers need to hear why you want Castner Range to be a National Monument. They must hear why you support the drive to conserve the Range. So when you go to the open mic, you’ll have a chance to “speak Castner to power” and tell DC both loud and clear that the time for a Monument is now (and not another 50 years from now).

So let us know that you’ll be there at 10 a.m. on Sat., Nov. 19th. Please RSVP by emailing me at or by phoning me at 915.351.8352. Leave a message if you wish.

We really hope to see you on Saturday the 19th. We need to see you there.



  1. This is puzzling...did the Organ Moutain supporters in Las Cruces have to put on a big public event? WHO in Washington is demanding to see the faces of the supporters in El Paso? Who wants to "hear with our own ears that El Pasoans really want a Monument?" Was any other city treated this way?

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