Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Go Birding This Saturday

Brown-crested Flycatcher

Our El Paso/Trans-Pecos Audubon Society has scheduled another birding outing for this coming Saturday, July 8, 2017. Join them for a field trip to the Animas Creek Area west of Caballo Lake. This area contains the only Arizona Sycamores east of the Continental Divide. The Brown-crested Flycatcher nests here. You may also see Summer Tanagers, Yellow-breasted Chats and Cassin's Kingbird. 

Bring a lunch and plenty of water.  They will depart at 6:00AM from the southwest corner of the parking lot at the El Paso Outlet Mall at I10 and Transmountain (Talbot Rd. entrance to the Mall).  Contact Mark Perkins at 915-637-03521 for more information.

Arizona Sycamore

Elpasonaturally will continue promoting the El Paso Auduboners and their outings. There are many benefits to birding besides just getting outdoors and observing animal behavior rather than electronic behavior. It also means interacting with other people. Oh my! I Googled Benefits of Birdwatching and got this long list of entries.

From HealthFitnessRevolution there are 10 listed:

  1. Appreciation for Nature
  2. Patience
  3. Contemplation and Introspection
  4. Quick Reflexes
  5. Mental Alertness
  6. Cardiovascular Health
  7. Sense of Community
  8. Acceptance
  9. Travel
  10. Increases Upper Arm Strength

The El Paso/Trans-Pecos Audubon Society goes birding around El Paso and on field trips such as the one this Saturday.

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