Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Quarry

It's like the title of one of those horrendous slasher films: Scream, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th: The Quarry. Of course I am speaking about the quarry at McKelligon Canyon, the GCC Quarry (formerly a Cemex operation). 

GCC continues to gouge the side of the mountain. Several persons have looked at maps and have suggested to me that the quarry has already intruded onto the State Park. Yet neither Texas Parks and Wildlife Department nor the Franklin Mountains State Park are willing to do a survey. It costs too much. Instead they take the word of the quarry owners.

What can be done to stop this obscene devastation of our mountain? There are many issues involved: mineral rights for the State of Texas, a private company operation, jobs and bidding laws (you can't just ask the City not to buy from the quarry). Perhaps the City can be persuaded to limit their buying from GCC. That may be a good start and would have the added benefit that the City find other means to do landscaping. (I still am incensed that the City's Parks Department paved natural desert paths at the Archaeology Museum with chat quarried and produced at the McKelligon Canyon Quarry.) Perhaps an ordinance banning certain landscaping products? Good luck.

Protests? A PR campaign? What?

I struggle with this. Perhaps some of you have ideas. The GCC Quarry needs to shut down . . . permanently.

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  1. "horrendous slasher films...obscene devastation..." Someone is truly quite the drama queen who needs a check up from the neck up. I'm glad that something is being done to change this hideous looking dust bowl with half-dead desert "plants" and disgusting little vermin crawling around. After suffering 8 years with a neo-commie, anti environmentalist corrupt pig (immediately filling our landfills with perfectly good automobiles along with his extremist pro immigration policies) it's refreshing that we now have a President who at least kind of cares enough about the environment to slow down the biggest threat to Mother Nature - immigration.