Friday, November 29, 2013

Catching Up: Flow Control

I have either been out of town or distracted by other matters. This and other posts are attempts to catch-up.

I recently wrote about flow control here. City Council members with pockets stuffed from voted down going forward with what would have been the responsible way to handle our garbage.

Sean Gillespie sent me this update:

"It turned out the money spent on new representatives outweighed the wisdom of the old council and three years of studies.  Sunland Park and New Mexico will be the recipient of the majority of West Texas' trash.  It is much worse than even this.  The army wanted to build a waste to energy plant for strategic security in case the grid goes down.  Flow Control was step one because you can't build it without the input materials.  The ridiculous part is the council said they would bring it back if the army has reason, but without step one they won't so we all suffer.  The next item I am going after is the "landfill exchange" which is sending copious amounts of El Paso city trash to Sunland Park that would otherwise go to El Paso's landfills.  It is also an incestuous deal that kills competition, disincentivizes recycling, and gives one company a monopoly on waste in the region a clear anti-trust issue.  I am looking into legal action which may include a class action suit involving other companies, cities and organizations.  Thank you for your support.  It was much appreciated.  It appears Dr. Noe and the new council that were 95% financed by Waste Connections got everything the company wanted that money could buy."

Sean has begun a new web site: Don't Waste El Paso. Elpasonaturally looks forward to the development of this site. Also follow him on Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

Flow control is the sensible thing to do with our trash. I sense that capitalist greed is clouding decision maker’s vision. How can we clean their lenses?