Friday, November 29, 2013

Catching Up: Stormwater Budget

Study this slide.

Note the $2.6 Million for park ponds. Read sod. Besides the acquistion of the Palisades and a smaller property, there have been no other purchases of natural open space - none from the list of priorities established by the Open Space Advisory Board. EPWU Stormwater officials have claimed in meeting after meeting that they are looking at land but have nothing to show for it except more money for sod and shrubs for park ponds.

When I suggested that the current OSAB members do not have the will to fight the trend to finance park ponds and not to purchase open space, a veteran observer agreed with me and added: "They [OSAB members] sit there while staff and the city attorney dictate to them.  They haven't said a thing to challenge the park pond funding."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping attention focused on this topic. There is much land around our mountains that has a stormwater function but remains in private hands and subject to development. Paving and putting homes and other impervious surfaces on such land would be very detrimental to El Pasoans. The purpose of the stormwater fee is to preserve that land. I was in the Stoneyhill arroyo today. The uphill portions are privately owned and Stormwater folks should purchase that land and keep it in its natural state for future generations. The Stoneyhill arroyo would be an excellent access point to the Franklin Mountains State Park.