Thursday, May 8, 2014

Butterfield Trail Isn't Taking on Drought

Butterfield Trail isn't taking on drought and don't believe them when they tell you that they are even though the El Paso Inc. wrote a pretty darn good PR piece for them.

First, read this story: Butterfield Trail takes on drought - El Paso Inc.: Local News.

It's good news that run-off from rainwater is used as well as high-tech irrigation. But spare me the notion that drilling a well into the Hueco Bolson some how helps El Pasoans conserve water for a drought. Let's say that Mr. D'Souza and Mr. Balliew go to lunch together and decide (oddly) to share a glass of ice tea. They each dip a separate straw into the beverage and suck. Oh no! The ice tea runs out sooner.

I think that I will go dig a well into the Bolson and start bottling Hueco Water in plastic bottles and selling my product through every big box store from coast to coast. Let's see how that helps El Paso with drought.

Enough said.

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