Saturday, October 11, 2014

EcoWise El Paso Recognizes JimTolbert

Okay - I'm bragging. Truth is I was honored and surprised when I was presented with yesterday's first EcoWise El Paso award at the annual Environmental Summit. 

My friend and the Master of Ceremony at yesterday's event, Rick LoBello read this commendation:

"Today we would like to honor with our first EcoWise El Paso Environmental Award one of the most respected environmental writers in El Paso.  For many years he has helped to inform the general public about a wide array of environmental issues.  His leadership is one of the main reasons why the City took action to protect nearly 800 acres of desert habitat near Franklin Mountains State Park along Loop 375 on the Trans Mountains Road. He consistently speaks out for the environment and helps to bring people together so that they can find consensus on important issues.   He has been very active as a member of the City's Open Space Board and over the past few years his leadership has helped to make El Paso's Celebration of our Mountains the city's number one "get outside and connect with nature" community event. He is one of El Paso's top conservation heroes and it is an honor for me to present this award to Jim Tolbert."

The award reads:

"EcoWise El Paso recognizes Jim Tolbert for invaluable dedication and commitment to preserving the Paso del Norte Environment. 2014"

Every now and then I am tempted to give up elpasonaturally. Well - not for awhile.

Jim Tolbert, Pat White and Judy Ackerman at the 2014 EcoWise Environmental Summit


  1. Jim, you are looking good and I'm glad you are out there doing the hard work for us all!

  2. Congratulations Jim! Truly well deserved.

    Many of us are proud to call ourselves “environmentalists” but we should rethink our terminology. Listen to today’s story on NPR’s Morning Edition, Saturday story:
    “Millennials: We Help The Earth But Don't Call Us Environmentalists”
    Suggest you check the comments at the link too.

  3. Congratulations, Jim! You're keeping the torch up! For that, many of us are grateful.

  4. Way to go, Jim! - Jerry Kurtyka