Friday, October 24, 2014

The Friday Video: Fracking Threatens Chaco's Sacred American Heritage

Nothing is sacred to frackers but money, money, money. 

The video above was taken from Fracking threatens the Chaco Canyon World Heritage Site published by Earthworks.

See also:

Wells creep toward Chaco (Durango Herald)

Don't frack Chaco Canyon (Environment New Mexico)

And, although a minor victory was achieved for this land, far more needs to be done. "To be sure, we still have work to do. The Greater Chaco Landscape is still in need of full protection and the rush to frack in the American West remains the most significant threat to the land, wildlife, our water and our clean air." - Jeremy Nichols, Wild Earth Guardians.

For closer to home:

What the frack? (Sul Ross student publication, Skyline. See p. 4 of pdf.)

And, much, much closer to home:

Drew Stuart, editor of the Hudspeth County Herald told me: "The Diablo Plateau and Otero Mesa are a continuous grassland ecosystem - so that many of the observations that conservation groups have made about the Otero Mesa would apply to the Diablo Plateau as well." Read all about this grassland and its rich biodiversity. Enlarge the pic at this post. See what the Texas side of this continuous grassland ecosystem will look like once Torchlight Energy is done.

By the way, other national historic parks are threatened:

Map above from Is Nothing Sacred? Fracking and Chaco Culture National Historic Park a story by Char Miller for KCET Los Angeles.  

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  1. BLM thinks nothing of euthanizing horses to get them off public lands, but thinks nothing of killing people and ruining their water supply. If the water in DC was affected there would be a different attitude. Crap like this is what fuels eco-terrorists action.