Monday, February 23, 2015

The Monday Links: Colorado Snow Pack, Smart Building, Gluten and Trees

[Monday is "Links Day" with links gathered over the past week to online "stuff" to read and sites to surf that impact us directly or offer information about our regional issues. Please feel free to send me links to any conservation, environmental, simple living, city planning, energy and water, etc. stories that you have come across online.] 

John Fleck's Blog (Definitely bookmark and read.) 2 recent entries:

Bad January, worse February in Colorado, Rio Grande basins (If you only have time to read one of his posts or even one of these links, this is the one to read.)
"half-told stories about the value of water"
Water in the desert, Fountain Hills edition


California, Here Dry Come!

Energy Efficient Architecture and Building:

Aggressively Passive Maine Dorm

Off the subject but interesting:

The Real Problem with Bread (It's Probably Not Gluten)

Visit, bookmark and surf these sites:
Open Tree Map

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