Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Vote for Dr. Rick Bonart City Council District 1

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From Rick:

I am running to be your city council representative. I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail and learning more about what you want from your city government. 

As your city council representative, I will focus on:

1. Ensuring that your tax dollars are well spent. The demand for city services are high, and available resources for meeting that demand are limited. When I served on the El Paso Water Utilities-Public Service Board, I played an active role in making sure that we constantly reviewed all of our operations to ensure that we were providing the highest value to the ratepayer at the lowest cost. Sometimes that meant challenging existing practices that were ingrained in the culture of the organization and looking for creative solutions to better manage our limited resources. As we look forward to the public investment from the 2012 Bond Election, I want to work with you to make sure that we maximize the value of each of those projects for the public’s benefit.

2. Partnering with the residents of District 1 to solve problems and capture opportunity. As an owner of a small business and as a citizen activist, I know that City Hall can sometimes throw up confusing road blocks that discourage active participation from the public. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I want all the citizens of District 1 to know that you have a partner at City Hall, someone who is willing to work with you when you have a great idea for improving their neighborhood or when you are trying to solve a neighborhood issue. As an avid open space advocate, I have been party to some great wins for open space preservation that were only possible because of active participation from the community and active support from City Hall. 

3. Promoting sustainable growth that preserves what is special about District 1 and El Paso.  As our community grows, we have do so in ways that are both sustainable and affordable to taxpayers. We can grow as a community while preserving those things that make us unique. There are innovative development methods that will help us to save our mountains, arroyos and lush valleys without stifling development. This type of development adds more value to our tax base and builds attractive neighborhoods that people are proud to call home.

I want this job because I love the work! Having served four years on the PSB has given me the experience I need to hit the ground running. I will be your voice on City Council. You will be involved in the decision-making process

I hope I can count on your vote in this election. I want to hear from you. If you have questions or ideas, please email me at


Early voting starts Monday, April 27 and ends Tuesday, May 5. Election Day is Saturday, May 9.

About Rick

Dr. Rick Bonart grew up in El Paso, graduating from Coronado High School and UTEP. He received his Veterinary degree from Texas A&M. He came home to start a thriving veterinary practice called Belvidere Animal Clinic. 

Dr. Bonart served for four years on the El Paso Water Utility’s Public Service Board. He was the first chair of El Paso Open Space Advisory Board. He played a critical role in ensuring that the Northwest Master Plan preserves key arroyos and significant open space along Transmountain Road and provides safe access to the Franklin State Park.

Dr. Bonart is an active mountain biker who loves that his home is a ten minute bike ride from some of the best mountain bike riding in the Southwest.

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