Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Environmental Services and Rep. Cortney Niland are saying that the construction of an ugly, noisy trash collection station next to Keystone Heritage Park is dead . . . for now. That's been the ruse all along. 

The "buffer" is just 50 feet between this "concept" and Keystone Heritage Park.

When first brought to public (and the Open Space Advisory Board's) attention, it was just a concept, a thought and nothing more. That was Joyce Wilson's lie. Suddenly it turned into a green-lighted project. Now, because of public outcry, it has been stopped again. Yet the Director of Environmental Services, Ellen Smyth, says: :". . . the reality is that [the collection station] is what the land was purchased for.  So it may come up again in the future." 

Click image to enlarge. Dam in background.
As the stakes in these pictures show, it certainly will. Just wait until the public outcry dies down and nobody is paying attention especially OSAB which may be lured back into complacence by staff and its own chair.

What visitors to Keystone get to see across the street.
Please keep signing the online petition against the collection station and keep spreading the word. If you are on Facebook, please tell your friends. HERE is where you will find the online petition. 

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  1. Given that the Parks Master Plan called for acquiring land around Keystone to make it a regional park, and constructing trails, the $64K question is: when did the City decide to abandon the Plan, and acquire the land for a trash site instead?