Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Party of Oligarchy in Texas Keeps Saying No to Freedom and Free Enterprise

The party of oligarchy in Texas keeps saying "no" to freedom and free enterprise. Of course, I'm speaking about the Republicans. A review of some of the legislation before legislators in Austin will prove the point. Unfortunately, Republicans will continue as the majority party in Texas because people believe the fantasy that they are still the party of free enterprise, local control and small businesses when, in fact, they are the party of big oil since they are bought and paid for by oil and gas money, large corporate empires that seek to protect their energy monopolies and crush the will of citizens to have a clean environment. (Republicans may have been the party of free enterprise and conservation under Teddy Roosevelt but not under the likes of Teddy Cruz.) Energy expert, Ray Rapisand, says it best: "They say that they stand for freedom, yet they restrict the rights of cities and citizens to have a clean environment and safe water."

Begin by reading David Weinberg's legislative update - the good, the bad and the ugly. Check out the links. Weinberg is the Executive Director of the Texas League of Conservation Voters.

Now read through some or all of the following which Robin Roberts, renewable energy activist, calls "the whole madness about reversing gains to bring renewable energy into mainstream energy production":

What is RPS and why is it important to sustainability:

Legislation proposed to end  RPS in TX:

Source of this anti-climate change policy:

And for future reference these are organizations that are out to smear climate change efforts (note the Koch fingerprints):

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