Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bad News on Dark Sky

Only two City Council members voted against the change in the Dark Sky ordinance: Ann Lilly and Lily Limon. With Mayor Leeser leading the charge, Council voted to grant Clear Channel Communications the privilege of not having to comply with dark sky. So, folks, you get to stare at brightly lit-up billboards as you drive and a starless sky. 

elpasonaturally also learned that Council members dismissed "form letter" emails. So, folks, your opinions don't count with this bunch. But the whims and wishes of a $17.2 Billion company make all the difference with this band of politicians.

The agenda item to amend the dark sky ordinance was labeled under the goal (something else not drafted by or agreed upon by the citizens of El Paso) "Promote the Visual Image of El Paso". So folks, you now know the aesthetical philosophy of this City government: UGLY.

The effort to prevent dark sky from being amended was led by Marci Turner. She wishes to thank all those who supported keeping the dark sky ordinance as it is (was). She is grateful for all the work each person did to save our skies.

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