Thursday, February 25, 2016

El Paso County Moving Ahead with Trail Initiative

El Paso County is hard at work on an inititative for a county-line to county-line trail system. They are seeking funding from the Paso del Norte Health Foundation. A form letter to the Foundation's Selection Committee that businesses, organizations and individuals have begun to personalize and sign reads:

"El Paso County residents have long recognized the need to increase access to outdoor quality of life amenities in our community.  And community leaders have also long recognized the connection between outdoor amenities like parks and trails to physical health, community engagement and even economic development.  A county-line to county-line trail that allows for walking, running, hiking and exploring would add to our inventory of outdoor recreation and promote outdoor activity that our residents could benefit from.  It could link the river to other natural waterways and drains; it could connect historic trails and sites to existing green space and parks; it would create connectivity between our two diverse valleys, underserved communities and areas in between."

The Open Space Advisory Board has been discussing a trail system for several years now but the Parks and Recreation Department seems to be stuck on the process for actually creating that trail system. They need to be focused on producting the product. It sounds like the County is focused on just that.

The El Paso County Historical Commission chaired by Bernie Sargent has been a leader in promoting the preservation and promotion of historical sites in El Paso. (Find the Historical Commission's Facebook page HERE.) By linking heritage tourism with open space, recreational opportunities for El Pasoans will increase El Paso's quality of health and be a magnet for greater economic growth in our Sun City.

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  1. Great post. thanks for spreading the word on this important effort.