Wednesday, July 13, 2016

With Triple Digit Temperatures, Time to Conserve Electricity

From Blue Planet Green Living

Today will be our eleventh straight day of triple digit temperatures. The weather prognosticators are already telling us that we are on our way to breaking the earlier record of 21 straight days. With such high temperatures, El Paso Electric is concerned about making up for the increased load and are asking for all of us to conserve energy. Wouldn't it be terrible if we have a blackout and we are stuck without air conditioning in 100+ degree weather? The toll on the elderly, the poor and our workplaces would be horrendous.

Alejandra Chavira, the El Paso Electric Company Coordinator of External and Public Affairs, sent out this message yesterday: "As our region continues to experience triple digit temperature days this week and into the next, El Paso Electric is encouraging the conservation of energy and other methods of energy efficiency across our service area." 

You can read EPEC's energy conservation tips HERE.

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I should point out that EPEC could really encourage energy savings by promoting rather than thwarting the rooftop solar energy industry.


  1. Excellent points on energy saving. Great picture too. Now, let's spell it out. Hang up your clothes to dry! The clothes dryer is one of the biggest energy hogs!

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