Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fracking, Wasting Water, Keeping Promises to Sprawlers

It was good to see last week that Keagan Harsha and KTSM-TV News picked up our story and petition about fracking coming just east of El Paso. Read the story and see the video HERE.

Astoundingly someone by the name of "mike b" commented on an unrelated post about fracking: "There is no evidence that fracking is harmful.....Just hysteria from radical enviros.....They deal in emotion, not logic..." 

Assuming that "mike b" has some gray matter, he might want to read other posts HERE and HERE

No matter how much the fracking industry attempts to deceive the public, fracking depletes and ruins ground water. To understand how the recklessness of their actions, just note what is happening to groundwater all over the world. Satellite surveys paint a bleak picture. See the MAP.

Climate change and excessive use of water without any proper water planning is to blame. Sensible city planning can help the situation. Yet, in our City, Council members are in the deep pockets of the urban sprawlers. They have shelved Plan El Paso and are making every attempt to force the sale of PSB managed land in smaller lots. Not long ago, City Councilwoman, Cortney Niland, was heard to say that the City needed $3.2 Million to keep a promise made to developers. Amazing how that $3.2 Million is exactly what she and the Mayor propose to take from that portion of the stormwater fee meant to go to open space over the next couple of years. The item comes up for discussion and action this coming Tuesday at City Council. See Item 13-2 on the agenda. Note that the item says nothing about the agreement to limit pilfering of open space funds to just $3.2 Million.

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