Monday, November 24, 2014

Good morning.  I have been updating my take action page at  If you want to suggest additions to this section please let me know.  The site also has a new a slide show featuring some of my favorite wildlife pictures over the past year.  Here is the Coahuilan box turtle, the only box turtle that I know of anywhere that swims under water.   Most of the land turtles and tortoises in North America like the desert box turtle here in El Paso are land dwellers only.  

The Coahuilan box turtle is from Cuatro Ciénegas Biosphere Reserve in Coahuila, Mexico, an endangered habitat in the Chihuahuan Desert.  This endangered species spends 90% of its time in the water and is threatened because of wetland habitat loss.
The Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute has a podcast about this area at

The El Paso Zoo is planning a new exhibit for Coahuilan box turtles scheduled to open next summer.

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