Friday, November 21, 2014

The Friday Video: Water in Texas with Dr. Andrew Sansom

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  1. I agree with Dr. Sansom. Look at it this way, free pure water falls from the sky. What happens to it? It hits the ground, gets polluted, funneled into concrete lined ditches and is shot into holding ponds, a process in which much of it evaporates, some of it is recharged, and some of it is put back into a river where it is taken out and treated before it can be used. Let's start keeping the water that falls on each subdivision lot on that lot to be used by the people that live on that lot, or commercial or industrial business. In Tucson it is calculated (Brad Lancaster) that except under extraordinary drought conditions, that water will sustain a family of four. Storm water flows should be slowed down starting at the top of the Franklin Mountains by low impact techniques appropriate to the desert so that we can reduce the flooding in the lower slopes and basin area of El Paso and save ourselves a bunch of money. We have got to start doing things differently because we can't financially afford the big dams, pumps, and holding ponds that are needed by the system currently in process.