Monday, May 18, 2015

Amending Dark Sky Postponed Again

Once again City Council has postponed discussion and action regarding an amendment to the dark sky ordinance. The amendment is being pushed by Clear Channel which does not want to comply with the ordinance even though they have had TEN years to become dark sky compliant.

Dark Sky proponent and activist, Marci Turner, emailed this message: "Thank you very much for your emails to the City - - you made a difference!!!"

She urges you (and elpasonaturally urges you) to keep up the pressure on City Council members, the Mayor, the City Manager and Planning's Matthew McElroy. A sample email message and email addresses can be found HERE. It is very important to include Mr. McElroy in your emails. He has responsibility to report public comments on the issue to Council.

If you'd like to sign-up to speak against changes to the Dark Sky ordinance next week, go HERE. However, next week's agenda won't be posted until this Thursday. 

elpasonaturally will keep you informed.

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