Monday, May 4, 2015

They're Here!

Torchlight Energy Resources has begun their destruction of the Texas side of the ecologically valuable Otero Mesa with its rich biodiversity. (Sadly ironic Otero Mesa is called the Diablo Plateau on the Texas side.) You can read more about the project HERE. The waitress at the cafe in Cornudas reported that all the rooms in Dell City are full with people working on this and other drilling projects. The following pictures are courtesy of John and Camilla Walton.

The turn-off
Alamo Mountain on left, Wind Mountain in the middle. Facing East, New Mexico border is the fence, Texas to the right. Newly widened road. The road is probably the largest impact. Large amount of slow growing natural vegetation removed.
After 6.3 miles of the road from the junction at Loma Linda Road at Texas/New Mexico Border, the pad.

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