Monday, July 6, 2015

Living Green in the Southwest: Using Less Electricity Means Saving More Water for a Thirsty Southwest

[Each Monday elpasonaturally© will discuss ways to live more "green" in the southwest. (Actually, the tips can be followed most anywhere else.) Living "green" means living simply while recycling, reusing and repurposing. It means not only having a green home or business, but also being a good neighbor, knowing that we are part of a community and that our actions affect others, our ecosystem and the world.] 

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Producing electricity requires water - lots of water. For example, El Paso Electric's Newman Power Station uses a Fuji Steam Turbine. It also requires water to keep the plant and its equipment cool. Thus one way to help conserve water in the El Paso southwest is to cut down on your electrical usage. Not only does that cut your bill and save you money, it's a way for all of us to help have a sustainable water future.

The chart above gives tips to save energy and keep cool during our hot summer months. You can Google "saving energy" or "cutting electrical bill" to get other tips. The important thing is that what we do at home or at our places of work affects others and has an impact on future generations and the environment.

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  1. Jim, thanks for the excellent tips to be more green. Here are two more suggestions.

    Especially here in Sun City, everyone should use “linear solar clothes dehydrators with wind turbulence stabilizers” (close line and clothes pins). It does take a few more minutes to hang your clothes on the line, but the wonderful smell they get is worth the effort. Clothes dryers are probably the biggest energy hog in your house. It also wares out your clothes faster. You know that lint in the dryer? It is from your clothes because of the abuse the receive tumbling around in your dryer. Use the line!

    ! Paint your roof white ! I did this 5 years ago and the difference in the need for cooling has been tremendous. A white roof keeps your house cooler. The paint seals any leeks. And, no more shingles coming loose in the wind. Paint is way cheaper than putting on a new roof. In addition to YOUR savings, you reduce global warming by increasing the albedo and reducing the heat island effect.