Thursday, July 2, 2015

What You Should Know About

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Bill Addington shared this graphic the other day on Facebook. It's from Sciencegasm. Yesterday, as I was checking out at Albertson's, the people behind me were perusing the magazine displays at the beginning of the aisle. They began talking about important things: who's getting a divorce, why's so and so having drug problems and on and on. I've heard this conversation in a thousand different places.

Although the chart above is certainly a list of important things to those of us who are green ("greenies" as David K. affectionately calls us), there could be other lists generated by serious people of other persuasions. The point is, our society lusts for the trivial and unimportant. Why vote or demonstrate or write your Councilperson or Representative when one's focus is on the Real Wives of Atlanta? 

The oligarchy that really runs this country wants a populace that is dumbed-down and apathetic. With our eyes off what really matters, guess who runs the show?

Have a Happy 4th of July weekend.

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