Thursday, July 23, 2015

Roadrunner Natural Gas Pipeline Meeting

A message from San Elizario Mayor Maya Sanchez:

Saturday, July 25 at 1pm at the Clint Community Center located at 200 North San Elizario Rd - Clint, Texas 79836. MAP

Your participation is HIGHLY encouraged to attend a public meeting, hosted by ONEOK Partners to present their plans for the Roadrunner Pipeline.

As a reminder, this is one of two natural gas pipelines headed our way. It is a 30-inch steel pipeline from Cayanosa, Texas, that will connect to the Tarahumara gas pipeline in Chihuahua.

If people do not show up, we'll send a message that this issue is not very important to our community. In reality, this affects more than just the landowners whose land may be directly affected. These lines will be mighty close to both Clint and San Elizario high schools and densely populated neighborhoods.

Please make plans to attend and bring your neighbors and family--and please share!

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