Wednesday, September 16, 2015

EPEC compromises safety of residents with 13,800 volt feeder line

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We already know that the El Paso Electric Company refused to compromise with the Manhattan Heights Neighborhood Association and neighboring areas regarding the installation of a 13,800 volt feeder line along Elm Street. EPEC also refused to deal with the El Paso Historic Landmark Commission. Installation is now almost complete. 

It has been pointed out that the feeder line is dangerous because of powerful stormwater flows down Elm Street that erode surface and subsurface infrastructure. There is another danger from installing these feeder lines along residential routes. The video above demonstrates that danger.

Just how close are the Elm Street lines to homes? Take a look at these pictures:

Noting the intransigence of EPEC, one resident remarked: "our only resort will be to pray to God that we don't hear the sounds of sirens along Elm Street arriving to recover the charred remains of a resident or child who just wanted to play with her kite or birthday balloon."

And EPEC wants rate increases for all of us?! Remember, they use our money to build power facilities so that they can sell electricity to other utilities. Ratepayers not shareholders pay and they profit.

Take action and send a message to the Mayor and City Council:

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