Friday, September 11, 2015

Say NO to unfair solar fees

There is a new "take action" page published by Public Citizen. It is a means of making the current petition more focused specifically on El Paso Electric Company's unfair rate increases for solar panel users. 

What is especially great about the Public Citizen's form is that your message will go directly to the Mayor and each of the City Council representatives. When I created the petition for Eco El Paso I mistakenly had the emails directed to the Municipal Clerk's office. Kaiba White of Public Citizen called that office and discovered that they do not forward messages to the Mayor or Council. I was wrong. Since her discovery, I have changed the recipient of the petition to the Mayor. However, on there can only be one email recipient. 

I apologize for having your petition going to an office that cannot deliver email to Mayor or Council. However, I have made an open records request for all those emails so that your voice can still be heard by members of City Council. I will see to that.

The petition is a chance to say NO to all the proposed rate hikes. Public Citizen's "take action" item targets specifically the unfair rate hikes proposed for just solar panel users.

If you have signed the petition, please also fill out the "take action" form. You can find a link to it at at the very top of the right hand blue column. If you haven't signed the petition or done the action form, please take a moment to complete both. The petition is right below the "take action" button. 

Please share this blog post with everyone you know here in El Paso. Say NO to the onerous rate hikes and say NO to the unfair solar fees.

Say NO to Unfair Solar Fees

Say NO to El Paso Electric

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