Monday, September 28, 2015

Living Green in the Southwest: White Roofs Really Do Work

White roof with solar panels - EPEC's Schockley's and Kipp's nightmare.
Painting your roof white really does work and here are three advantages according to Steve Hargreaves, s staff writer:

  • "It keeps buildings cooler, reducing the amount of energy required for air conditioning.
  • It reduces the so-call "heat island" effect, the heating up of entire urban areas which then causes other buildings in the vicinity to heat up, whether they are in direct contact with the sun or not.
  • A white roof or road will actually reflect the sun's rays back into space, keeping the atmosphere cooler."
Hargreaves is writing about a proposal by Energy Secretary, Steven Chu. Read White roofs to fight global warming

I first posted about this subject HERE. More and more I hear success stories. Just don't tell El Paso Electric Company. They may want to put white roof owners in a separate and much higher rate category. After all, with a white roof you won't be "contributing" nearly as much as your neighbors to EPEC's dinosaurian power plants.


  1. OH, no...I'm sure the EPEC reads your blog, and now it will send up drones to see what color our roofs are, and my rates will go up!!!

  2. Thanks for plugging White Roofs!
    It is EASY to paint your roof white. I did it myself.
    The benefits are many:
    Way more economical than a whole new roof with shingles. - $s savings.
    In the summer in El Paso, in the heat of the day, our house is usually 10 – 15 degrees cooler than outside. In the summer of 2015, we only needed the swamp cooler after 2 – 3 pm. - $s and water savings.
    You know how the roof shingles fly off your house in the Spring? White roof paint eliminates those flying shingles. – more $s savings.
    White roof paint also seals up any roof leaks. – more $s savings.
    Paint your roof white!

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  4. Painting roofs white is a very inexpensive and easy way to reduce the urban heat index. Also, living greenroofs work very well too, even in the desert, using native plants of course. Native grasses being especially good. Living roofs also provide birds with habitat space. On either account, white roofs or living roofs, both have enormous benefits that outweigh the costs.

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