Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Super-Sized Celebration of Our Mountains

Photo taken on 9/19/15 by Shu-Yuan Mayr

Photo taken on 9/29/15 by Shu-Yuan Mayr
I've been reviewing how Celebration of Our Mountains is going so far this year. Here are some facts and observations:

2015 there were about 10,000 visits total to
2016 just to date is 9,744.

12% of web page visitors knew the URL already.
88% found it through search queries.

61% of visitors do so from a desktop; 39% from mobile.

Just in the past week there have been 645 visitors to the Facebook page.

Average event attendance in 2015 was 10/event.
Average event attendance so far in 2015 is 12-15/event.

Interest in Celebration of Our Mountains is growing.

More people from Ft. Bliss (including German AF) and Las Cruces.


Begun in 1994 the purpose of Celebration of Our Mountains is to get people outdoors and to explore the natural wonders in our part of the Chihuahuan Desert. As people learn more about their mountains, desert and wetlands, they come to appreciate the importance of conservation, preservation and good environmental stewardship. I have been the coordinator/organizer since 2009.

By the way, purchase the 24 oz. classic, aluminum water bottle with the Celebration logo and carabiner. Everyone needs to carry some extra water on outdoor events, neighborhood walks, trips to the gym, etc. Just go HERE to order or contact me at

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