Friday, October 16, 2015

The Friday Video: Solar Power Works in Arizona -- So Why Do Utilities Want to Kill It?

The video above applies so well to El Paso right now. El Paso Electric Company wants to crush the solar industry and keep control of your supply of electricity. They falsely claim that solar users are not paying their fair share for the infrastructure. Yet, the rooftop solar industry means that there is less of a need for infrastructure which really means that there is no reason to raise anyone's rates. 

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El Paso Electric is part of a nationwide cabal of utilities (and big oil and gas) to destroy the rooftop solar industry. Read more HERE.

To save your choice for rooftop solar in El Paso, many groups are raising their voices against the rate hike proposals by EPEC. Eco-El Paso provides us, the ratepayers, with some action items against those hike proposals. Check it out.

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The Alliance for Solar Choice
The Alliance for Solar Choice Facebook
Citizens Against El Paso Electric's Attack on Solar


  1. Kill the monopolies! Can you imagine a world without power lines? How wonderful would that be...

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