Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Wandering Naturalist

Soraya with Black-tailed Rattlesnake.
Copyrighted image posted by permission from The Wandering Naturalist.

Once upon a time, elpasonaturally had a list of favorite sites and blogs. I took them down so that I could spend some time reviewing what I wanted to include. As in most cases, time past and I never gave links to great places that I recommend that you should go. Until today.

Once again you can see a list of links toward the bottom of the blue column on the right. I'm not going to post all at once - just one or two or three at a time.

The first link is to The Wandering Naturalist written by a field biologist with expertise in ecology, wildlife study, conservation and evolutionary biology. She is avid about protecting wildlife and their habitats. "Conservation and wildlife study have become my life-long agenda," she writes. "Whether I am hiking in the local mountains near my home or visiting another state, I maintain a watchful eye and with camera in hand I continue to track and record animals and plants I cross paths with. I also try my best to report on current ecological concerns I encounter or find relevant."

Not only does this blog give you great science, it provides solid reasons why we should conserve and preserve this beautiful land in which we live and our beautiful planet. The blog is both a field guide and an adventure story. Posts are well-organized into categories. 

Soraya, the author, is our Aldo Leopold, our Donald Culross Peattie. Just click on the pictures or the categories and go on a hike with the Wandering Naturalist.

Also be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Soraya is a wonderful new voice of fresh air for the environment in El Paso. Get to know her and visit her blog. You can follow her by going to the link on her about page.