Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Killing Coyotes Should Not Be Fun

When asked why the family including three children kill coyotes, the mother responded, "For fun." For fun. . .For fun. . .Destroy another creature, take its life which is just as precious as ours, just for fun - not for food or clothing - but just "for fun." You are probably just as disgusted as I am. 

Yet coyote hunting is done by thousands of people just for fun. There are even coyote-killing contests. The winner is the one with the most kills. If these people could just understand how important a coyote, or any predator species is to our own well-being, maybe they would just buy a telescope and go star-gazing or get a real life.

Predators regulate a food chain in an ecosystem. By keeping down populations which feed on grass and brush, a predator helps sustain plant growth which, in turn, benefits other species such as birds. Simply, they create biodiversity which is healthy for all species in the area including humans. (Read The Importance of Predators.)

"Healthy natural systems provide us with clean water, trees and forests, seed dispersal, natural pest control, climate regulation, healthy amounts of vegetation, pollination, soil fertility, regulation of disease, and many other 'ecosystem services.'" (Why Are Predator Species Important)

Writing about another predator, the wolf, local field biologist and blogger, Soraya R. says, "Apex predators encourage thriving ecosystems by causing a trophic cascade effect which impacts the entire ecosystem." (Rewilding the Wolf in Texas: A Beautiful Thing)

Watch the following video (a trailer for the documentary, American Coyote). Then visit Project Coyote to learn more. BTW, if you receive elpasonaturally by email, the video won't be embedded. Go to to view.

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