Friday, January 15, 2016

Promote Reusable Shopping Bags

Some claim that the official El Paso flag is the plastic grocery bag. When the wind blows, it adorns ocotillos, hangs in trees and sticks to shrubs and brush. Several years ago an effort to ban plastic shopping bags did not make it past a City Council committee. The excuse was that too many El Pasoans can’t afford the bags.

Now the Sierra Club El Paso Group plans to hand out 500 large reuseable shopping bags to shoppers for free. They hope that the idea will catch on with other organizations that want to promote the use of reuseable bags.

Any group that wants to participate can get in touch with El Paso Group Vice Chair Jim Tolbert at 915-525-7364 or Their own logo will be imprinted on the tote bag and there are a number of colors of bags from which to choose.


  1. Just a few shopping trips and you have paid for your bag with the nickel refund. Giving out the free ones is a great idea, hope others can be persuaded to just invest the $1 and start shopping.

  2. Sierra Club El Paso Group - GREAT job!