Thursday, January 14, 2016

Start the Countdown to Recycling Glass in El Paso

Handling crushed glass. Picture from Las Cruces Sun-News
Get ready to recycle your glass bottles.

Mark your calendars for January 27th at 10 AM for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new glass crusher at the Eastside Collection Station, 1034 Pendale. MAP

I wrote about the glass recycling pilot program in an earlier post. Representative Lily Limón championed the program. Laurence Gibson, Chairman of the El Paso Sierra Club Group also helped to bring glass recycling to El Paso. Under his leadership, glass recycling for the city has been a Sierra Club Group "Smart Goal". 

The glass will be finely crushed into a sand-like material which is non-abrasive, thus posing no risk of injury. It can be used for mulch in landscaping, sand decorations and as a replacement for gravel.


  1. Marshall Carter-TrippJanuary 14, 2016 at 4:44 PM

    Sadly, I will probably not be driving 20 miles over to the Eastside recycling - can only hope that the Westside reps will insist on having a site of their own! Kudos to Rep. Limón for this!

  2. @Marshall, you will be able to recycle your glass at the West side site on 121 Atlantic as well.

  3. Mulch?! Really?! That's someone's idea of recycling?! What is wrong with real recycling, where glass containers are reused, so that no energy or raw materials are needed in order to make new ones?