Friday, November 20, 2015

Eco El Paso Says "Don't Get Shocked"

Eco El Paso announces “Don’t Get Shocked” Outreach 
Campaign Saying “No!”  to all rate Increases

El Paso, Texas – Eco El Paso and multiple community partners announced the launch of their “Don’t Get Shocked!” outreach campaign.  The outreach will focus on directly contacting 10,000 homeowners in high voter turnout precincts throughout the entire city and providing information about the detrimental effects the proposed rate increase could have on El Paso as well as motivating consumers to directly contact their city representative and express their concern. 

“Eco El Paso is working on behalf of the citizens of El Paso to keep rates reasonable for all rate classes and encouraging economic growth,” stated board president Fred Dalbin.  “The rate case is about keeping all energy generation and conservation technologies, such as solar, accessible for everyone.”

Outreach will initially focus on consumer contact and utilize volunteers to reach homeowners across the city.  In addition to volunteer efforts, Eco El Paso is working to develop and deliver paid outreach in the form of mail and broadcast television over the coming weeks. 

In August 2015 El Paso Electric Company (EPEC) filed Rate Case #44941, which raises electric rates by 16.45%, proposes higher demand rates that will impact the vast majority of El Pasoans and increases rates for rooftop solar owners by over 36%. Eco El Paso has filed as an intervener in this case arguing that the creation of a separate rate for solar owners is discriminatory and regressive and without reasonable justification. Being an intervener requires EEP to engage an attorney in Austin, where the case will be heard and voted on by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC). We are telling the community and PUC not to let El Paso Electric raise ANY of our electric rates.

Eco El Paso is a non-profit organization that promotes eco‐sensitive and energy efficient community planning, building design, construction and facility maintenance in El Paso’s region to professionals in the design, construction and building maintenance industry. It provides educational training seminars and presentations from experts in the various trades for residential, commercial and institutional projects.  Go to for more information.

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