Monday, November 2, 2015

Save the Sierras

Here's another Derek Spear video produced yesterday and uploaded to his YouTube page, Adventure Drone. About this video, Derek writes: "Flight over the eastern slopes of the Franklin Mountains. The site is currently being studied for a planned development called Sierra del Puerte. Save Our Sierras was formed as a committee of the Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition in an effort to preserve the area in its natural state."

The Knapp family has been trying to sell the property to the City for several years now. My understanding is that they want a very reasonable price. The land including arroyos is beautiful. I have hiked there and I can tell you that there is a spot which always makes me stop and keep silent. It is a place where I have experienced the numinous as Rudolf Otto named it in his book The Idea of the Holymysterium tremendum et fascinans

This land is powerful and beautiful. We have already developed too much of our mountainsides. The family that owns it wants to preserve it also. The City needs to step up and care.


  1. So how to get them to pay attention???

  2. Yes, we need to protect our mountains!
    Derek's video shows us the beauty of our mountains.