Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Who To Blame for the Stormwater Fee Going Up

You have probably heard that your stormwater fee will go up 11 percent. If that makes you angry, don't blame the Public Service Board, blame the City Council. 

David K hits the nail on the head. Read Demands made by posturing politicians always cost a lot of money

So, the next time Cortney Niland stomps her feet and raises her voice and sanctimoniously wants you to think she is looking out for you, don't believe it. It's another one of her cya's - something she does better than anyone else.

One more point. Real efforts to keep stormwater where it falls either to water the landscape or eventually recharge the aquifer, is also something that the City Council must do and not the PSB. Only Council can change landscaping, building and grading codes. You can also blame some homeowners. Where swales are required, builders at their cost put them in, only to have the owner cover them up afterwards. Council should create a new class of code violations and give out severe financial penalties.

One final question and this goes under the John Kennedy rubric "Ask not what your country can do for you . . . ". What have you done or are you doing to keep stormwater on your own property or even on what you might just lease or do you always expect government to come to the rescue and, if they don't, blame them?

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