Monday, November 23, 2015

Rodriguez Says "No" to El Paso Electric

Who will EPEC hurt? Not the rich but young, struggling families such as the Villalreals
The modest central El Paso home of Rick and Donna Villalreal and their little boy was the setting this morning for Senator José Rodriguez's press conference. The Senator was joined by board members of Eco El Paso, students, builders, solar installers and energy experts. All spoke out against the attempt by El Paso Electric Company to destroy the rooftop solar energy industry in El Paso as well as the onerous rate hikes on non-solar users.

Senator José Rodriguez addresses the press

One speaker, Blanca Gadney-Moss, said that she opposed the solar rate hikes because it would hurt her 88-year-old mother. 

Several salient points were made:

Solar is clean energy.
Solar reduces the use of our scarcest resource - water.
The rates will penalize the poorest El Pasoan.
Solar adds not subtracts to the electric grid.
Solar technology is 21st Century technology. El Paso Electric Company is operating on 20th Century technology and business model.
Most powerfully - solar is about jobs and not just for installers but for electricians, plumbers, roofers, construction workers and more.
In fact the solar industry nationwide employs more workers than the oil and gas industries combined.
With El Paso's unemployment rate going up, solar should be encouraged.
Students see the potential for jobs and careers in solar.


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