Tuesday, December 8, 2015

As Predicted

Here is an email from Shelby Ruff the Co-Founder of Off Grid Hardware:

"City Council Voted NO [unanimously] against El Paso Electric’s proposed rate increases & attacks on solar homeowners.  A letter will be sent to the Utility CEO Today to make it official.

"Please continue to support your local non-profits that are paying for the lawyers to intervene on behalf of the citizens of El Paso so we can have a voice. Eco El Paso ( is a major voice in this case. EPEC may appeal the ruling to the PUC of Texas so we’re not done yet.  We need your support at Eco El Paso and every dollar and volunteer matters a great deal!

"We will keep you posted as the case continues with the Public Utility Commission of Texas and our lawyer will continue to battle on our behalf." 

Senator Rodríguez issued the following statement regarding El Paso City Council's unanimous vote to oppose El Paso Electric Company's proposed rate increases:

"The City Council did the right thing in deciding to contest El Paso Electric's rate proposal, which would raise rates for all residential customers by about 10 percent, and at least double that for customers with rooftop solar. This is particularly troubling because residential solar installation is rapidly growing in El Paso, providing relief to the grid and well-paying building trades jobs for community members. I look forward to the City vigorously advocating for all El Paso Electric customers as the rate case progresses."

Count on EPEC appealing the case to the PUCT. That has been there plan all along.

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