Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Help Preserve Castner Range with Letter to President Obama

Mexican Poppies on Castner Range. Photo by Chuck Kooshian

Sample Letter to Presdident Obama

Earlier today I went to the Frontera Land Alliance Office to turn in some letters to the Executive Director, Janae' Reneaud Field. She told me that we have until January 20, 2016 to get the first 1,000 letters to President Obama asking him to designate Castner Range as a National Monument.

You can download a sample letter (above) by clicking on the title. Download, print, fill out (you can hand print), sign and mail or email the letter  to JanaĆ© Reneaud Field, Frontera Land Alliance, 3800 N. Mesa St., Suite A2-258. El Paso, TX 79902. E-mail:

Please don't return to the President. We want to collect all the letters first and then send them.

You can learn more about the effort to preserve Castner Range as a National Monument by visiting:


  1. WOW, what a wonderful post!
    Everyone, please join this campaign for #CastnerRange #NationalMonument. Sign the letter or write your own.
    Please also like Castner Range on Facebook and Follow on Twitter at the links above.
    Together we can create Castner Range National Monument.

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