Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ask the Public Utility Commission to Say NO to El Paso Electric

The El Paso Electric Company wants to destroy the rooftop solar industry in El Paso. Instead, EPEC and our city should encourage the growth of this industry. However it seems as if those who advise the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) are going to recommend a lower raise in rates (but a raise nevertheless) while, at the same time, going along with EPEC's creating a new rate class for those who have rooftop solar and punishing them with much higher rates. (See my earlier post.) If you use solar now or want to do so in the future and you want to encourage the growth of this energy source, then write the Public Utility Commission and tell them to say NO to El Paso Electric. Jim Schwarzbach has made it easy for you to do this.

Visit El Paso Clean Energy, a web site created by Schwarzbach. He encourages us to write our own letter on our own stationery with our own ink signature. He provides this address:

Reference Case: 44941
Public Utility Commission of Texas
Attn: Filing Clerk
1701 N Congress Avenue

Austin TX 78711-3326

However, if you just want to send a letter with a few key strokes, then he has created sample letters that you can fill out. Just follow the instructions.

Please know that you can make a difference but you really do have to act. His FAQ page reveals that, as of yesterday (12/28/2015) El Paso Electric has filed 223 documents in the rate case, yet only 15 protest letters have been filed.

El Paso Electric is terrified that they will lose total control of our energy options. In the blog associated with the El Paso Clean Energy site, Jim writes:

". . .EPEC is scared of their shareholders losing profits when customers use clean solar power.  They want everybody to continue using the power they generate instead of allowing the homeowner to generate some, and they want to do this by segregating solar customers out from all the other customers and discriminating against them in a punitive manner.  Imagine if your grocery store decided to charge you more for meat and bread if you decided to start growing your own vegetables."


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