Monday, December 7, 2015

City Council Will Say No to EPEC Tomorrow

El Paso Electric and the Coming of the Solar Industry.
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Item 20.1 on tomorrow's City Council agenda calls for discussion and action on El Paso Electric Company's rate hike proposals. Council will overwhelmingly vote it down. EPEC expects Council's denial and has expected it all along. I quoted Jefferies the other day saying that EPEC would take the "long road to Austin." (They are depending on the PUCT to side with them.) That is why it is so important to donate to Eco El Paso so that they can continue to be an intervenor throughout the process.

Understand, it will be good for a large number of people to show up to Council tomorrow in opposition to the rate hike and the attempt to destroy small businesses and take away jobs from the rooftop solar industry. You can get all the facts about the case and about our energy future at Eco El Paso.

Just remember, EPEC is in this fight for the long haul. No dinosaur goes down without a fight except against an asteroid and then he goes down for good.

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